Industrial led display

Sound Level Meter Display

A measuring instrument used to assess noise or sound level by measuring sound pressure. Commonly used in noise pollution studies or at an atmosphere conducive enough for research and studies. Best to be used in construction site or places that need to control noise pollution.

Factory Safety Scoreboard

Automatically track days without an accident. Our scoreboards help increase productivity and keeps accurate readings by updating every 24 hours. May serve as a display for the safety goals in a company or a plant.

Outdoor Car Park Management Display

It synchronized to your carpark system and automatically update and display the number of remaining parking lot available at a parking bay. Widely used at commercial buildings or shopping mall's parking bay.

Production Temperature / Humidity Display

It senses, measures and reports the relative humidity and temperature in the surrounding area. It is also a great way to maintain the quality of your products by synchronizing the display to your production plant system and monitor each and every machines temperature and the surrounding humidity.


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