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LED Digital Signage, The Future of Advertising

Why we need LED digital signage?

LED digital signage is one of the go-green product. With each and every usage of LED digital signage, it indirectly impacts and helps the environment by reducing part of the carbon footprints in long-term. This is also known as Economic Sustainability.

Amount of Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint

What is a LED digital signage?

Digital signage is an electronic signage that displays marketing contents such as advertisement in a digital way. It is a communication platform that utilizes digital displays to convey information, advertising, or entertainment content to the viewer. This is an innovative solution whereby both hardware and software components improves the way businesses engage with their audiences.

In the olden days of business (even until today), business such as retail type of business tends to advertise their brands, products and promotions through word of mouth, banners, flyers, magazines, radio and television.

Banners usage
Amount of banners used

In today’s digital and go-green world, most of the advertising can be done in one place. By eliminating OR reducing on printings, you can upload your marketing contents into the LED digital signage to promote your products, regardless of new and existing products and services. Moreover, the dynamic nature of the displays allows for the presentation of promotional content and product information in a visually appealing way, enhancing brand visibility to the viewers. This is also us, the Custronics’ direction all the while on Sustainable Electronics, where we bring you new innovation across information display, from LED display panel to LED digital signage.

Custronics LED Digital Signage Standee
Custronics LED Digital Signage Standee

How does LED digital signage benefit you?

LED digital signage serves several important purposes and provides numerous benefits across various industries.

1.      Dynamic content

  • It allows for the display of dynamic and interactive content such as videos, animations, and real-time information updates. This dynamic nature makes the content more engaging and memorable compare to static displays.

2.      Streamline your content through Cloud system

  • A cloud digital signage system offers flexibility and scalability. With internet connection, it is accessible from anywhere and anytime, making content management easy and convenient.

  • You can scale your content messages and video in ONE page of screen as well.

3.      Unique and easy way to engage with the public

  • With the LED digital signage, all the contents printed on to the banner can be uploaded to the Cloud, and be downloaded to every LED digital signage that is connected to that specific Cloud account.

  • It saves a lot of cost and space. This is also indirectly supporting on Economic Sustainability, reducing carbon footprints.

4.      An attention grabbing for marketing and to public

  • When people always say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, with LED digital signage, you can have “a video worth a thousand pictures and words”. You can upload your content videos instead of just pictures as videos are much more lively, interesting and friendly to the eyes of public.

5.      Event promotion

  • In venues such as sports arenas, theatres, and conference centres, LED digital signage is used to promote upcoming events, display schedules, and provide wayfinding information. It enhances the overall visitor experience and ensures that attendees are well-informed.

6.      Helps to drive in sales and increase profit margin

  • LED digital signage is a cost-effective advertising with low energy consumption.

  • A tailor-made content to meet the needs of your target audience and increase engagement with your brand is an effective tool for grabbing the attention of potential customers.

  • It’s ability to change messages quickly is useful when it comes to products and promotions update.

Custronics is one of the manufacturer for the LED display panel system in Malaysia. For more product information or some customization of our products to pair up to your system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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