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To create and provide affordable and reliable solutions, for simplifying the work process to ease our customers’ daily operating tasks and work processes. 

∙ Integrity ∙ Gratitude ∙ Teamwork 
∙ competitive ∙ PASSION∙
Integrity ∙ Gratitude ∙ Teamwork 

our mission

Our vision

To be the top 3  Prefferred Brand in the Chosen Market

Who Is JT Techtronics?

JT Techtronics Sdn Bhd started in Malaysia in 2012. The founder of JT Techtronics Sdn Bhd are Jim and Ting. We specialise in taylor-made LED display panel system that best fit your current manufacturing needs.

What Makes Us Unique?

We have our own in-house R&D team. Our taylor-made LED display are all made in Malaysia. Our in-house R&D consist of hardware and software team, whereby our customized electronic circuit board are done by our hardware team. As for the integration of both hardware and cloud system will be done by our software team.


Beginning of JT Techtronics Sdn Bhd 

JT Techtronics Sdn Bhd (formally known as JT Asia Trading), design & manufacturer of electronics LED display panel Malaysia, has started its operation since 2012. JT Asia Trading, we started off by engineered & assembled LED running message display panel locally, targeting on advertisement and public message purpose. Apart of that based on the market request and the electronics knowledge we have it can do more than just a mere running message display panel, we started to design system and integrate to the industrial automation

led production counter display panel Malaysia
led temperature humidity display panel Malaysia
sound level noise level led display panel Malaysia
safety scoreboard led display panel Malaysia

Year 2013 to 2017

Our first ever product we designed and manufactured for the industrial market was a production counter display. It allows our clients to monitor their daily production in terms of targeted amount to be produced, actual amount has been completed, defect amount, etc. The production counter we created depends on your needs for your productions, and we will customize for you.

With the rise of the demand and request for industrial LED display panel system, we designed and created our next few new products; production temperature and humidity display for the F&B, rubber and pharmaceutical industries, sound level meter display to control the sound pollution, safety scoreboard to track on the days without accident (may also serve as a display for the safety goals in a company or a plant).

Year 2017: JT Techtronics Sdn Bhd is Born

While we are already designing and customizing our products to our clients, we rebrand our business from JT Asia Trading to JT Techtronics Sdn Bhd, created our very first brand, Custronics, which basically a short from customization of LED display electronics. We continue our business nature and captured the hearts of our local and international clients by designing and customizing our products that upgrades the efficiencies of our clients’ daily task.

Year 2020: Journey to the world of Smart Production

Living by the name of JT Techtronics and our brand, Custronics in industrial 4.0, world of IOT, we now provide our latest service, Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT) service to our clients. With our strong vision and mission, we strive to upgrade our clients’ business to a more advance and better financial benefits by improving the performance of their vast machines, devices, and entire business process of the industrial sector.


With the combination of technologies and electronics system in LED display panel system, JT Techtronics

  • Help and provide the industrial factories a cost-efficient solution through LED display.

  • Synchronize factory operation through the industrial internet of thing (I-IOT) to your mobile to achieve more.

  • Provide our customers reliable solutions and ease their daily task by simplifying the work process.

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