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iiot (industrial internet of things) service

Factory Performance Analysis and Continuous Improvement data capture

Most of our products can provide data for archiving in a cloud-based database, which can be shared with you on displays, smartphones, etc.

What can you benefit from upgrading your business to IIoT?

custronics time

Real Time Stoppage Analysis

Predictive Maintenance

custronics predictive maintenance
custronics efficiency

Increase Efficiency

custronics no error

Reduce Errors


Improves Safety

custronics safety

Reduce Costs

custronics reduce cost
  • Data can be access wherever you are.

  • KPI trends such as OEE, downtime, maintenance management schedule and etc can be analyzed easily.

  • No special software needed to view reports. Just a web browser will do.

  • We customize all analysis packages that we offered (your reports on the most important data automatically).

  • Reports can be in the form of Line graph, Pie chart, Gantt chart, Pareto chart, dials, .csv files etc.

We are here to help you develop your CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT system. We have many years of experience in helping companies like yours to automatically capture, analyze and share real-time performance data and graphs.

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