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How to choose pixel pitch for indoor sign (P5 and P10)?

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

What is a P5 and P10 display panel?

P is basically stands for pixel spacing, and the numbers stands for the spacing in between each of the LED. Example, each of the LED gap in between for P5 display panel is 5mm, and for the P10 display panel is 10mm.

What is a pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch refers to the density of pixels. Pixel pitch is important because it influences the viewing distance. A smaller pixel pitch indicates higher pixel density and higher resolution. So, the viewing distance will be closer.

A P5 usually comes with 64 pixels across and 32 pixels down, whereas a P10 usually comes with 32 pixels across and 16 pixels down. In this case, P5 has higher density compares to P10.

You may refer to the image below for a clearer picture of what we mentioned above.

How do you choose pixel pitch for indoor sign?

Well, as mentioned above, P5 has higher density compares to P10, and the size (length and height) of each of the LED display panels are same. If you plan to have it installed, let’s say, at your counter desk, of course a P5 will be the best choice. You wouldn’t want the graphics or messages shown on your LED display panel looks weird.

Also, based on a single panel, as the P5 has higher density, it also consumes more power. It makes sense since P5 has more pixels compare to P10, and P5 is meant to use at a nearer distance. This means, lesser panels will be used to broadcast the information or messages.

Hope this short article helps/provides the information you needed.

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