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How To Improve Production Efficiency?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Often, when people search about LED display panel, the search will always lead to LED television, high quality LED screen, etc.

Question: What does industrial LED display panel consider as? How to search or look for the LED display panel that we are in business with?

Answer: It is Andon system LED display panel.

What does it actually mean by Andon system?

Andon refers to a status display used to alert, notify or inform the management or workers of a process or quality issue. It is a term from Japan, mainly used by the industrial or manufacturing business industry, and is now part of their lean production approach.

Why is it Andon?

As mentioned in the above, whenever there are signals that triggers the process issue such as defects, machines or tools malfunction, safety issue and so on, all these considers as / can be done by Andon system to rectify the issues. When the plant or factory received such alert, the productions will be stopped before any other issues happen. Until the issue is solved, the productions will be resume. By using Andon system, it will result in better quality product produced (quality control here and improvement of overall efficiency). Now you see why it is part of the lean production approach.

As JT Techtronics is one of the house production and manufacturer for the Andon system Custronics LED display panel, below are some sample of their Andon system LED display products.

If you wish to have the Andon system LED display panel on your plant or factory, different from what we have in our website, feel free to send your inquiries through for more information, and the personnel-in-charge will follow-up with you soon. #leddisplaymalaysia #leddisplaymalaysia

Thank you.

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