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How to Make - Terminate an Ethernet Network Cable Cat 5 & 6 | Connect LAN Connector?

How often do you buy an Ethernet cable? Or how often do you change them? An Ethernet cable often refers to as a LAN cable. Ethernet cables can be quite expensive. Moreover, a ready-made Ethernet cable are not always the length you want. With the available and correct tools, you can easily make one for yourself.

The items and tools needed are as below:

1) A roll or box of CAT5 or CAT6 cable.

In here, we have a roll of CAT6 cable as example.

2) A sharp cutter.

Sharp cutter is needed as the cables need to be cut neatly.

3) Cable stripper.

To strip the outer layer of the cable.

4) RJ-45 Ethernet crimp tool.

To crimp and secure the cables in the RJ-45 connector.

5) Ethernet cable tester.

To test the assembled Ethernet cable connection.

6) RJ-45 connectors x 2.

To insert the CAT5 or CAT6 cables in it (front and back).

7) RJ-45 connector jacket x 2.

To cover or protect RJ-45 connector clip.

Here is the guide to assemble an Ethernet network cable.

1. Here we have a CAT-6 cable as an example. Use a cable stripper to turn 1 or 2 rounds on the CAT-6 cable.

2. Take out the cable jacket.

3. Cut off the white tiny string.

4. Separate out the cable inside, and make it like a star.

5. Cut off the middle plastic.

6. What we usually do is that, the brown + white color will be on our right side, orange + white on left side, blue + white on the top, and green + white on the bottom.

7. Untwist all 4 cables to separate out the white cable and make sure all the cable are straight.

8. Make sure all the white color cable separated out from each of their colors, be on their left side on each of the direction, EXCEPT for blue and its white cable (blue on left side, and the white on right side).

9. Arrange or park the cable according to the color as shown in the image below.

10. Once all the cables arranged accordingly, neatly, and all cables are straight, hold the cable with 1 fingertip size of length, cut off the top part of the cables.

11. Check the cables again and see if it is cut in straight and in same length. If it is not, trim a bit those that are longer so that all the cable length are same.

12. Next, insert in the cable to the cable jacket 1st only then you insert the cable to the RJ45 connector. While you are still holding the cable with the correct color code arrangement from left to right, make sure the RJ45 connector clip is facing to the back.

13. Once the cables has already been inserted to the connector, push and fit in more.

14. Reconfirm the color code arrangement again to make sure they are correct.

15. Carefully insert the cable connector to the Ethernet clamper accordingly, and crimp the Ethernet clamper tightly.

16. Repeat the same step again from step 1 on the other end of the cable.

17. Next, use the cable tester device to test the cable. Each side of the cable insert in to each end of the cable tester device. With this cable tester device shown as example, switch the button to “Sound On” and “Auto”.

18. Press start button to test the cable. When the device shows “Straight” with all the connectivity is on, it means there are connections to your cable. Try to switch the cable of both end and plug in again to the device to test.

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