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How To Manage Customers Queue?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Few of the famous questions that usually pops out in today's servicing industry.

1. Having trouble in managing your customers' queue?

2. Not knowing how to manage your employees to handle certain task for your front-line business?

3. Wonder why most of the front-line counter in the service industry are not fully operating?

The questions above can be solved with the "Queue Management System".

July 2018 CUSTRONICS Knowledge 101: Queue Management System

What is a "Queue Management System"? It is used to manage queues, queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue area. Guess that everyone knows what it is from the look of the display or system as this system is being used widely, everywhere around the world. #leddisplaypanelmalaysia

We have a scenario from one of our customers recently, expressing his experience visiting a bank with a long queue, inquiring on why certain counters are not in operation to serve the customers while the queue has been there for quite some time. Here, you may check on the video below on how a queue management system works.

From the video above, we demonstrates 4 counters system with 4 service buttons (button A, B, C and D) from the ticket dispenser. Each counter will provide different service as shown in the video. Each time a counter button has been pressed, the queue number will changed according to what it has been set.

It does not matter on how many customers from different service button a counter can serve. The settings are controlled by the personnel-in-charge based on the resources available on certain counters, and they provides their services accordingly.

An example from a bank scenario - Counter 1 and 2 has been arranged to serve money bank-in and withdrawal services. Whereas, counter 3 and 4 has been arranged to serve open and close bank account services. Since different resources are available on different counters, this answers why certain counters are not serving certain customers. #leddisplaymalaysia #leddisplaymalaysia

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