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How To Manage Your Car Park Efficiently With CarPark Counter

Continue from our previous car park display blog, a car park display panel that shows you “Vacant” and “Full” (How To Manage Your Car Park Efficiently?), Custronics have another car park counter display panel for you.

In most parking bays, there sure are some spaces reserved. We will either see some of the parking space are blocked using a safety or traffic cone, or the entire row blocked using a long chain. Yes, reserved for other drivers.

Question: How do we know the amount of parking space left?

Even if you know the parking bay is wide, drivers wouldn't know if there are still available empty car park space in it, given that there are a lot of vehicles already parked inside and some of them are still driving slowly inside, looking for a spot.

Question: As a management, how will you manage your car park bays for visitors?

Question: How will you inform the visitors if there are still available bays for them even after they entered into the parking bays?

With the new car park counter system from Custronics, it shows the available empty parking spaces to the public, just like any other car park systems does.

With this system, you may set the amount of available empty car park spaces in it. Let's say, your parking bays can fit maximum of 100 vehicles, but 20 of the spaces has been taken or reserved. You may set the remaining 80 empty spaces into the system. Once the setting is done, the car park counter is good to use. Even if you reset the car park counter, it will still show 80 empty spaces, as what the setting has been done earlier.

This main controller is to be installed at the entrance, ticket dispenser and is best for open parking bays. Whenever a vehicle comes in, the number of spaces shown on the car park counter will be deduct automatically.

For a more detail information of this new Cutronics car park system LED display panel, here is a video for you.

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