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Importance Of Sustainable Electronics

Sustainable electronics are electronic products or made with sustainable practices and materials. With this said, the products are made as below:

  • No toxic chemicals in the products

  • All parts are recyclable or reusable

  • Parts are made from repurposed materials

  • Carbon emissions are kept as low as possible during production

Custronics is one of the manufacturer for the LED display panel system, we are now on the path of Sustainable Economy, which we call it as Sustainable Electronics. How are Custronics products a sustainable electronics? Custronics follows 3R’s concept; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Custronics products itself is already a low power consumption product. With the 3R’s concept, Custronics will try to repair, refurbish and reinvent with the available parts.

  • Repair: Custronics products are designed for easy repair. Almost every parts can be dismantled, so that the damaged components or parts can be changed without changing the entire product. This will be a waste if other useable components or parts are being thrown away.

  • Refurbish: With the collection from the repair of the damaged components, Custronics use it to refurbish and reuse it on other different products system in order to reduce e-waste.

  • Reinvent: With Custronics own in-house R&D team, Custronics will always innovates and look for product improvements in order to increase the product durability. By this mean, the current product are able to be upgraded in order to adapt to new technologies such as 5G wireless technology and IIOT cloud dashboard.


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