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Simple Step-by-Step LED Display Panel Installation Guide

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

In this blog post, we will guide you with a step-by-step on how to install wall mount to our LED display panel. Things you need to prepare for the installation are:

1 x Masking Tape

1 x marker pen

1 x measurement tape (recommended) OR a ruler

1 x drill

2 x wall mount hooks.


  • Before starting the installation, kindly turn off the power supply first.

  • Once the power is off, turn to the back of your display panel.

  • Take the measurement of the length of the display panel (from left to right OR right to left).

  • Divide the measurement into half. Once you got the half measurement, divide them into half again to get the center point of each side (center point for left and right side which is meant for the hooks).

  • Use a Masking Tape to tape on left and right side of the part to be drill, and mark the 2 center points earlier. #leddisplaypanelmalaysia

  • Mark the center point of each of the hook itself.

  • Place the center point of the hook to the 2 markings earlier, and mark the 2 holes from the hook(s). #leddisplaypanelmalaysia

  • Prepare to drill the 2 markings from each hook (Drill Bit size must be smaller than the self-tapping screw size).

  • In this case, since the screw is a small screw for this hook, you may try to use Drill Bit size with 2mm or 2.5mm. #leddisplaypanelmalaysia

  • Once drilling is done, remove the Masking Tape.

  • Screw the hooks to the left and right side of the display panel that has been drilled earlier, and the job is done. #leddisplaypanelmalaysia

For more detail on the installation guide, here is our video you may view on:

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