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Custronics and Autonics Heating Cooling Temperature Controller

In our previous post, we have introduced how Autonics THD-series, Temperature and Humidity Transducers works together with Custronics LED temperature and humidity display panel (Autonics THD-Series).

In this post, we have a similar product from Autonics; TK Series-PID Temperature Controller, to work together with Custronics LED temperature display panel.

The Autonics TK Series-PID Temperature Controller is a high performance with a 50 milliseconds high speed sampling. With this product, it controls the heating or cooling temperature.

In the video below, we did a demonstration on the heating and cooling control. We set the desired temperature on the PID Temperature Controller. When the surrounding temperature is below the temperature set, it triggers the revolving light, and when the surrounding temperature exceed the temperature set, the revolving light goes off.

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