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How Autonics Sensor Works With Custronics Temperature Display

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Custronics, most people knows them as industrial electronic manufacturer and a solution provider company, a solution provider for most of the industrial market. Custronics tends to simplify the work process in order to ease customers’ daily operating task and work processes. With this, Custronics will choose quality, suitable, and affordable products or “ingredients” for the customers.

In this post, we have selected a trusted automation brand, to collaborate with Custronics LED temperature and humidity display panel; AUTONICS.

We all knows that Autonics is one of the leading provider of automation solutions in South Korea. With their profession in providing a wide range of automation related products, they are one of the major impact that helps the growth of the industrial worldwide.

How does Custronics and Autonics products work together? With Autonics THD-series, Temperature and Humidity Transducers, they have a built-in temperature and humidity sensors and are capable of various outputs (Autonics THD-Series, Temperature and Humidity Transducers).

Check out the video below on how Custronics Temperature and Humidity display panel works together with Autonics THD-series transducers.

#Custronics x #Autonics THD-Series | LED Temperature Humidity Display panel LED Kanban Andon System

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