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Go-Kart Electronics LED Safety Flag Timing System

Updated: Mar 17

What is Go-Kart?

A Go-Kart is a type of mini sports car that comes in various design, with high performance racing karts and small engine. Karting is a type of racing that use four compact wheel unit.

How A Go-Kart Traffic Light System Work?

Similar to the motorsport track race, go-kart system also goes with start, stop and alert with its traffic light system. Just that it operates in a smaller track, for its small kart.

Go-Kart traffic light system comes in 3 colors, same as the normal road traffic light system (green, yellow, red). When the traffic light is in green color, it means the contestant may start the race. When it turns to yellow, it means the contestant have to slow down their kart. When it is red in color and is blinking, it means it is alerting the contestant that something has happen, and the contestant will have to slow down their kart.

Check out the video below for a better understanding:

Indoor Outdoor GoKart Electronics LED Safety Flag Timing System #ledmessageboard #custronics

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