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How to change printer receipt roll in Queue Management System Printer?

Updated: Jun 14

thermal printer

What is a thermal printer?

Thermal printer is a type of printer in which fine heated pins form characters on heat-sensitive paper, a thermal paper. There are two types of thermal printer: -

  1. Direct Thermal Printing: In direct thermal printing, the printer applies heat directly to the thermal paper, which causes the paper to darken where the heat is applied. This method is often used for printing receipts, labels, and tickets.

  2. Thermal Transfer Printing: In thermal transfer printing, the printer uses a heated print head to melt a wax or resin-based ink from a ribbon onto the paper. This method produces higher-quality and more durable prints compared to direct thermal printing. Thermal transfer printers are commonly used for applications requiring long-lasting and high-resolution prints, such as barcode labels, shipping labels, and product packaging.

As described above, queue management system printer is a Direct Thermal Printing printer. To use the thermal printer, thermal paper must be placed correctly into the thermal printer as only ONE side of the thermal paper can be printed. The printed part will be part with top coating on the thermal paper. The surface of the thermal paper with coating is smoother than the uncoated side, which is the back part.

receipt roll

To Change Printer Receipt Roll

  1. To insert thermal printer roll, press down the lever on the side of the printer to open the cover.

thermal printer

2. Adjust the size of your ticket roll accordingly by using the divider.

thermal printer divider

3. Put in the paper roll into the printer accordingly.

receipt roll in printer

4. Pull out a small part of the thermal paper out from the cover lid and close the cover and continue to print.

change receipt roll thermal printer

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