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What Is A Queue Management System

Updated: Jun 14

When you see the term “Queue Management System”, it sounds complicated to be understand. To make it easier for you to know what a Queue Management System is, separate the word out to simplify it.

“Queue” is a line or sequence of people awaiting for their turn to be attended or serviced. Today, when people think of queuing in a line, thoughts such as annoyance, lots of people, a waste of time usually pops out to the majority. People tend to lose patient when they are in a long queue.

With a Queue Management, it is a flow, or a set of principles aimed to manage or control the queues. It can be in a situation whereby numbered tickets are given to the customers manually or through a ticket kiosk and wait to be serviced by following the number on hand. However, this may turn into a worst scenario when unstructured queues occurred.

What does this mean? Customers may be in rush, or the service line might be slow, resulting to customers frustrated. Ends up rushing to the front with their numbers, to get their orders or be serviced. It can also be happened at a period of high demand in many situation (weekdays lunch hour for instance) as they do not know how long more they have to wait.


A Queue Management System, (QMS) is an intelligent system with a more structured, automated system that is designed to manage queues and customers flow in various situations and locations in a queue. In other word, QMS is meant to prevent the formation of queues altogether.

QMS also plays a small part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is majorly used to manage interactions with the customers, through the information displayed at the screen. Simply say, customers will know what is the current serviced ahead of them. With this, customers will have their chance to arrange their time to do their own thing while waiting for their turn.

Explain no more. Have a quick view of Custronics product demonstration.

If you wish to get your own QMS for your business or want to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact Custronics.

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