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How to choose the right display for your factory?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

To choose the right LED display panel for your factory, you may have to consider some of the factors like below:

- Viewing distance

- Purpose

- Scheduling

Viewing Distance

The viewing distance plays one of the important factors. If you are viewing it from quite a distance, you will need to select higher pixel pitch of LED display panel. Of course the size will be larger since the gap in between each LED are wider, and vice versa. This depends on the location of the display panel to be installed. You may refer to our previous blog (How to choose pixel pitch for indoor sign (P5 and P10)?) for further understanding of pixel pitch. #leddisplaypanelmalaysia


Industrial world nowadays mainly focuses on minimizing waste. Thus, most of the business around the globe practices lean manufacturing or lean production method. A brief introduction of lean production. It is a system method that focuses minimization of waste within a manufacturing system, without sacrificing productivity that may cause problems. Typically, they have four goals; to improve quality, to eliminate waste, to reduce time, and to reduce total cost. #leddisplaypanelmalaysia

How LED display panel assist in this area? This depends on the 5S and 5 key lean principles used or set by your management. A display panel may assist to keep track, detects and monitor each of these parts of the process.


As we know, business competitive are always high. Say, you have multiple machines and quite a number of employees. You want to target the amount of production for each of your machines and employees. You need to do your calculations for your production daily. Takt time is what you need. Takt time is the maximum amount of time whereby a product needs to be produced in order to meet customer’s demand. It is the average time between the start of production of one unit and the start of production of the next unit. Below are some of our product(s) with takt timer function:

These are just some few factors you might need to consider to choose the right display for your factory. Including some other factors you are in consideration with, you may always feel free to contact and discuss with us before purchasing our products. #leddisplaypanelmalaysia

Thank you.

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