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How to make lifespan of led display longer than 100000 hours?

Every electronic products will have a lifespan. Same goes to LED display panel. Although it is said that a LED display panel can last for approximately 10 to 11 years, if it is used 24 hours daily, theoretically. The display panel lifespan can be expanded if it is taken care of.

The quality of the raw materials plays a part of it. Yes, it is. The types of wires, quality of the electronic components and circuits design of the PCB boards, and others. Each and every of it do plays a part in the display panel’s lifespan. However, we choose the best quality electronic vendor in the market.

One of the factor will be the surrounding environment. A slightly cool environment & low humidity makes the electronic products live longer. Imagine, if the display panel is being used 24 hours daily in the factory hot environment, Electronics component generate some heat. Installing it at a wider space, whereby it has a good air flow or with good ventilation system, it helps in expanding the lifespan. Also, clean the panel regularly in a dusty environment.

If the industry you are in does not require the display panel to be used 24 hours, you may add a plug-in timer so that it will automatically turn on and off when it is not in used. Some of our model do come with auto saved data on the display panel. Yes, it is on certain model (based on individual’s request). For certain model with auto saved data feature, the data will always be stored in it automatically when the display panel is turned off, and be continued again when it is turned on (the advance of the technologies makes things more convenient 😉).

Also, the display panel has weatherproof measures, you may refer to our video as below for a clearer picture for this.


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