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Simple and Easy Way to Measure Production Speed

Working in a production plant is one of the challenging job (well of course every fields have their very own challenging part, but for the industrial field, it is like working in a different world). You will have to deal with machines, heat, steam, daily production, logistics, hardware, software, etc. It plays ONE of the major part in world economy improvements.

With the improvements of technologies, the world economy and industrial field improves from time to time too. That is why industrial changes from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 to 4.0, which is where we are in today’s world (what are these industrial 1.0 to 4.0? You may check out our previous blog post here).

One of the main purpose for technology improvements is to increase the efficiency of the production process. In other words, to ease your life so that you can produce more with lower cost, and focus on different task of your job.

Today, how do you know if your production plants produced fast enough to get your daily production done on time? How do you know if you achieved the efficiency? When it comes to measurement, speed and accuracy will be the main factor. This applies in many parts of a production process. There are numerous technologies and products that helps you measure your production speed. Custronics, one of the led display panel Malaysia, has one for you too. Custronics, piece per minute led display panel (PPM led display panel).

What is this Custronics PPM led display panel? As mentioned above, it measures your production speed. How and what does it measures? Custronics PPM led display panel displays the speed of your production output per minute. It uses the proximity sensors or infrared sensors, whereby it detects any products such as bottles of beverages, soaps, detergents, pills, etc on your production belt. Be it your production speed is in 1 piece per second, or 2 pieces per second, it can still be detected. The refresh time for this PPM led display panel can be preset from 2 seconds up to 60 seconds.

Still not getting the picture of this product? Here is a video with more information for you.

If you are interested with Custronics PPM led display panel, please do not hesitate to contact Custronics.


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