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Simple And Easy Production Counter Settings

In our previous blog about measuring production speed, we mentioned that the technology improvements is to increase the efficiency of the production process. Aside from measuring production speed, industrial display from large LED counters to timers to production scoreboards, these digital displays will automate your information gathering process, giving immediate improvements in productivity too.

How do you know how much you produced today? With a production counter of course. A production counter allows you to set your production target of the day, and let you know what your current production amount is.

Here, we will show you step-by-step tutorial on how to do settings on a Custronics 4 digits production counter display.

  1. First, to set the TARGET, press and hold the MODE button on the keypad until you see a line appear on the TARGET digits. *Settings for each digit from left to right are represented by each buttons from left to right*

  2. Which means, setting for FIRST DIGIT from the left, press the first button from the left on the keypad (representing 1000).

  3. Setting for the SECOND DIGIT from the left, press the second button from the left on the keypad (representing 100).

  4. Setting for the THIRD DIGIT, press the third button on the keypad (representing 10).

  5. Setting for the FOURTH DIGIT, press the fourth button on the keypad (representing 1).

  6. Once done setting the TARGET, we proceed to set the ACTUAL. Same, while the line is still in TARGET mode, press and hold on the MODE button again on the keypad, until you see the line appear on the ACTUAL digits.

  7. Settings for each digit in ACTUAL option are same as before.

  8. Once the setting is done, press and hold on the MODE button again to exit from the setting mode and your production counter panel is ready to use.

The keypad is connected to a sensor. Once an object pass through, the ACTUAL digits will increased by 1, and so on.

When you have reach your targeted production of the day, you may press the reset button on the keypad to reset the ACTUAL digits of the counter, and start counting for the next production.

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