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What Is LED Video Screen and How They Work

A video screen is made up of many LED display boards that join and work together to form as one unit to display contents. With the use of controller cards and software, images are split among the LED display boards to project the videos.

By using LED technology as video screen, it produces their very own bright light to generate a sharp and bright images, and with today’s technologies, LED are capable to provide the best refresh rate which is comparable to any other devices. The best is, the outcome of LED video screen gives big impact to your customer.

In one of our recent project that involves a group of trusted suppliers, experienced metal structure fabricator and reliable LED manufacturer, we manage to build and complete a large wide curve indoor LED video screen.

Yes, it is a large wide curve LED video screen. As mentioned earlier whereby multiple LED display boards are used to join and work together to form as one unit. A slight curve design can also be done.

Each of the LED display boards are placed and adjusted precisely to form the curve bit by bit on the curve metal panel.

Aside from the curve metal panel, LED video screen on the pillar is also possible. It is the same build up process, whereby a metal panel will be built around the pillar as the base.

Here is the complete view of the project, present to you LED Video Wall Screen. With the LEDs that do not really get hot easily, with the design of the LED board with thin bezels to minimize the gap in between each LED display board, and with the easy to service design, LED video wall are very durable, efficient and long-lasting to be used, it is a quite a catchy and trendy way to engage with customer.

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