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Custronics and Autonics Digital Temperature Thermal Display Panel

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Here is another temperature display using Autonics product, TX-series temperature controller.

What we have here is the TX4L model. This series comes with an alarm output. Also, same as TK-series, a threshold can be set on it. Either you want to control your heating or cooling temperature, you may set your desired temperature on it. Whenever the temperature increased and exceeds or decreased until it reaches below the temperature set, it will trigger the alarm.

Together with Custronics LED display panel, Custronics display panel can serve as a slave unit for TX-series, in other word, it serves as a receiver. This is because the communication between Custronics LED display panel and Autonics TX-series is through RS485. Which means you can have ONE Autonics temperature controller, but with multiple Custronics LED display panel slave units of up to 31 units.

Check out the video below for more information:

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