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How Queue Management System Works

A Queue Management System is not about eliminating waiting times. If you do not know what is Queue Management System (QMS), check out our previous blog here (What Is A Queue Management System).

It originally aims to reduce customers’ waiting experience, and while it helps the business to manage this part, the business will have the opportunity to provide better service to their customers. As we have described about the benefit of using a QMS, we will skip this part. You may check back our previous blog for the benefits in here (Why Queue Management System).

How a QMS works for a business? It is simple with these 3 simple flow: allocation and direction on customers, wait time for customers, there will be a call/reception to the next customers once the counter or front-desk done serving their existing customer.

1. Allocation and Direction

Upon customer’s arrival, customer will enter the queue by getting a ticket number from the ticketing machine. There will be options provided to the customer, and they will select accordingly to get the ticket number.

2. Wait Time

After obtaining the ticket number, customer will go to the waiting area to wait for their turn to be serviced. While the numbers will be called by the reception, customer will be able to do their own things while waiting.

3. Call/Reception

In this stage, the counter will press the call system for the next customer to be served. Different services can be set at different counters in order to provide a better customer service to the customers.

Check out the video below on how a Queue Management basically works.

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