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Why Queue Management System

Updated: Jun 14

This is when there are unlimited population of customers can be serviced exist, for example; banks, Food and Beverages, goods customer service counters. The unlimited population of customers are normal for most business.

As mentioned in our previous blog (What Is A Queue Management System), Queue Management System (QMS) plays a part of CRM in a business. Why say so? It reduces customers’ wait time, improves productivity and operational efficiencies, gain higher customer’s satisfaction, and able to have a real-time performance monitoring.

Reduce Customer Wait Time

With a long waiting time, customers can be irritated easily, leading them to leave. By utilizing a QMS, it eliminates the long queue lines. QMS takes care of your customers’ needs in the very first phase of queue management. When customer walks in for the service, customer will select the needed options from the ticketing kiosk. The customer will then have the freedom to walk around and do their own things while waiting, instead of lining-up boldly in the queue.

Improves Productivity and Operational Efficiencies

Different counters handles different services will be set. While the queues has been taken care of in the first phase, the staffs at counter can focus to serve customers according to what service the customer has selected, with higher engagement and better efficiencies.

Higher Customer’s Satisfaction

When different counters able to handle and focus more on customer’s issue, greater customer’s satisfaction will be achieved. Thus, customers’ complain will be able to reduced.

Real-time Performance Monitoring

When most of the service has been arranged accordingly and in control, regardless of the overall on floor customer service performance or the specific counter’s performance, the management can easily monitor them. This will eventually lead the team to get a better team performance appraisal.

If you wish to get your own QMS for your business or want to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact Custronics.

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