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How To Program LED Running Message Board Using PowerLED With TF-M6NUR Control Card

Welcome back to our blog with our LED programming post. In our previous blog, we guided you through setting up TF-S5U control card to your LED display panel (view here), and how to update your message to your LED display panel using PowerLed software (view here). In this blog, we will guide you on how to update your LED display panel using TF-M6NUR control card, a slightly more features control card.


How to program LED Running message board through WIFI using powerled with TF M6NUR controller

The display panel we have here connects through Wi-Fi.

  1. Connect your computer or laptop Wi-Fi to your LED display panel. Search the LED display panel Wi-Fi from your computer or laptop.

  2. The Wi-Fi password are provided by the LED display panel dealer. Check with your LED display panel dealer for the Wi-Fi password.

  3. Once you have connected the Wi-Fi to your LED display panel, open your PowerLed program.

  4. From the PowerLed program, click SEARCH button from the top left side menu, to search for your LED display panel.

  5. When the program found your LED display panel, it will state “Found TF-M6NUR controller”. Click OK.

  6. Enter in your desired message as usual from the bottom text box. You may select your font speed, font size, and other options you want on your message. For further information about the message features, you may check out our previous blog in HERE.

  7. Once your message is ready, click on SEND button located at the top right side of the menu option.

  8. The message will be updated to your LED display panel through Wi-Fi.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at our website.

Have a pleasant day ahead.

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