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How To Program LED Running Message Board Using PowerLED With TF-S5U Control Card

In our previous blog (How to Program Message into LED Display Message Board With PowerLED), we have made a guide on how to program the message into the LED display panel board by using PowerLED software.

In this blog, you will be seeing the similar tutorial. HOWEVER, this time we are using TF-S5U controller card to do the settings.

Programming the message using TF-S5U

How to program LED Running message board using powerled with TFS5U controller | LED Display Malaysia

  1. Install PowerLED software into your computer (you may get the software in HERE).

  2. Open the program file “XXX.ledprj” from the drive.

  3. From the software, select “Panel” from the side option, and click “Setup” from the option below. Password is 168, click OK.

  4. From the option “Controller”, select TF-S5U.

  5. Select Color type, Red.

  6. From the video, the LED panel board we are using are three P10 panel boards across, which is 32 x 16 for 1 panel board, 96 x 16 for 3 panel board across (for confirmation of your LED panel board, you may count directly from your LED display panel board if each of the LED panel board is 32 x 16 or 64 x 32). So, the width is 96 and the height is 16 (W96 x H16). Enter in 96 and 16 accordingly for the height and width. (What is a P10 panel board? Check it out HERE)

  7. Lastly, the ScanType is 4.1.

  8. Once all information has been entered, click Setup. Wait for the message Parameter Saved, then you may close the small window.

Now you may enter in your text by selecting “Text” option from the top menu bar.

For the tutorial to update your text message into the LED display panel message board, kindly check on the blog tutorial in HERE.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at our website.

Have a pleasant day ahead.

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