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Autonics EN - SeriesLength and Speed Measurement of a Moving Object X Custronics LED Display Panel

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Have you wonder how the process of a mass production line works? If a mass production such as textiles or papers, how accurate and fast for the measurements and cutting process can go?

Autonics ENC-Series Rotary Encoder

Autonics ENC series wheel type incremental rotary encoders. This is one of the many products that are ideal for measuring the length or speed of a continuously moving object.

The output waveform of measured distance is proportional to International Weights and Measures (meters/inches).

(You may check for more information through their website about this product)

With just a CAT-5 cable as output, Custronics MPM (meter per minute) display panel can be connected and link to this encoder wheel with power supply, and you will get to know the speed of the machinery goes during the production. Custronics MPM display panel can support up to 20 types of encoder wheel throughout the market.

Check out the video for more information:

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