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Restaurant Number Calling System

We have seen a lot of number calling system in our daily life, from a wireless queue management system kind of number calling system, to wireless kind of pager number calling system, to digital number calling system. All of these can usually be seen mainly from Food and Beverages (F&B) industry.

What is a number calling system?

It is a kind of queue management system for F&B industry, whereby customers placed their orders from the kiosk or counter and get their order number. Customer’s orders will then be sent to kitchen. This system will manage the orders accordingly, according to what customer’s ordered.

How does a Number Calling System look like?

As mentioned earlier, there are variety kind of Number Calling System and it depends on which and how you want to use them for your business.

Below are the few Number Calling System we usually see or some of you may have used it before.

Custronics Number Calling System is one of the latest product manufactured by JT Techtronics Sdn Bhd. With a more direct and easy to use system, it helps you to organize your order base on which delivery platform they are from.

Check out the video below for more information:

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